Shoebox Appeal

About the Shoebox Appeal

The Shoebox Appeal is part of Link to Hope‘s ongoing commitment to providing humanitarian aid and improve access to education and social care throughout  Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine.

The Shoebox Appeal is more than a one off gift at Christmas.

Link to Hope use the shoebox delivery trips to identify and visit the most vulnerable and exploited families and individuals, providing a no strings attached gift. They then find out what the community needs and commit to making a meaningful difference, dedicating their resources and building trust through an incredible network of local project managers and community leaders.

Cash donations

By donating online, you’re helping us to buy in bulk which allows us to get more for our money. 100% of your donations goes directly to the appeal and we cover the administration costs.

Our Amazon wishlist

If you prefer to choose specific items, you can do so in seconds with our annual Amazon Wishlist. We list the items that are better to get online and all deliveries are sent to us directly.

What goes in a box?

We complete a Link to Hope form per box, so if you’re doing a box and you can print it off and put it on your box that would be fantastic. If you need a form, email us and we can send you one or just do it for you.

Postage –
each box needs £3 to cover the postage. You can do this by:

– Sellotaping £3 on the box or place in an envelope and leave inside your unsealed box

– Donate £3 per box via our Justgiving page and we’ll sort out as part of our group shipment

– Donate £3 per box via the Link to Hope website and either print off and attach to your box or send us the confirmation via email

Join us for our annual packing party

Sat 16 November | 12 – 6pm
Our packing day is a fun day for all the family as we put the boxes together. With our team of volunteers, we have a christmas themed packing day filled with laughter and lots of food! We welcome anyone to come and join us on the day and / or drop off donations. There’s a job for all ages and abilities.

What happens after the Shoeboxes have been delivered?

From building schools to ensuring that elderly widows living in villages with no running water or electricity have enough wood to get them through bitterly cold winters, the team continue to follow up and monitor progress, ensuring they make a sustainable difference to people’s lives.

Read Jasmine’s blog about the Shoebox Delivery trip with the Link to Hope Team in Romania.

About us

Hi – we are Jasmine Plowright and Emma Rodriguez. We’ve been taking part in Shoebox Appeals since we were young children and have been running it at Chorley Community Church for over 20 years. It gets bigger every year and we love seeing the project grow and the impact it has on so many people.

In addition to donating our own boxes, we are proud Link to Hope area receivers for Islington and Horley (Surrey).

We’re always looking for sponsors, volunteers and new ways of doing things – so please get in touch if you want to get involved.

Thank you

Thank you Trinity Oaks Primary School for continuing to support the appeal.

Thank you

Thank you Horley Methodist Church for your fundraising and packing sessions organised by FITCH (Fun in the Church) Youth Group.

Thank you Partners Islington for supporting the Shoebox Packing Party – with their support, we’re able to give confidence to those who don’t often put themselves forward for community initiatives like this because they don’t feel like they have much to offer and we’re delighted that we’re able to find a job for everyone no matter age or ability while also offering food, refreshments and support with transport and childcare.

Thank you Majestic Building Services in Horley for their annual generous donation and all-year round collection of boxes. This family run business cover facilities management, heating and ventilation systems, electrical and life safety, public health support services and more. We’re more than happy to introduce you to the team.

Thank you JR Removals in Horley for transporting so many of our gifts across Surrey to London and surrounding areas. If you’re looking for an amazing removals company, these guys are the best!

Thank you the7stars Media Agency for getting involved every year and sending the most amazing boxes from your team. They are the UK’s largest independent media agency – if your company needs media expertise, check them out and we can put you in touch with our contact.

Thank you Studio Texture for their annual generous donation to help us get the items they need. They are an award winning creative agency, helping charities and not-for-profits to stand out and connect. If you know a charity or not-for-profit who needs creative support – including branding, design and campaign development, check them out and we can put you in touch with our contact.

Thank you Tradeledger for their annual generous donation of boxes. They are the world’s first open digital banking platform that gives banks the ability to assess business lending risk in real time.

Thank you to the law firm Clifford Chance for their annual generous donation of boxes and for match funding their employee donations.

Thank you Extravaganza Promotional Merchandise for sending us a selection of product samples. If you’re looking for promotional merchandise, these guys are amazing.